Imagine a different street; not in the deprived suburbs of a Midlands city, but at the super-rich heart of the Capital. Welcome to…
Click a house to learn more about who lives there
The buy-to-let landlord
The too-big-to-fail banker
The poverty-wage paying boss
The tax-dodger
All the people featured are real. We don't know if they all live on this street – but they could afford to.
Rich or poor, there will always be a few people that try to cheat the system. As Ice-T taught us,
And hate the games in proportion to their cost to society:
Profiteering by buy-to-let landlords
Subsidies to too-big-to-fail banks
Poverty pay by rich corporations
Tax-dodging by the super-rich
Benefit fraud
Yes, benefit fraud is bad news and we should seek to reduce it. But shouldn't our priority be on eliminating subsidies to the rich that cost us 54× as much?
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Parasite Street: how landlords, bankers, bosses and tax dodgers cost us £65bn/year #benefitsstreet
Let's get our priorities straight - subsidies to the rich cost us 54x as much as benefit fraud #benefitsstreet

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